MSW Management November/December 2015 : SSAB Cover Tip 1

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 NOT ALL BODIES ARE CREATED EQUAL If you want a refuse truck body that’s hard, tough and intelligent, make sure it has Hardox in it. Your body will weigh less and last longer, allowing for more payload and a longer service life. Not everybody can make such a body. Dedicated “Hardox In My Body” manufacturers are your guarantee for top performance and economy. Their products are branded “Hardox In My Body”— a quality certificate issued by SSAB, the manufacturer of Hardox. Only the best in the business can become licensed “Hardox In My Body” manufacturers. If you too are looking for an extraordinary body, they will be happy to deliver. Find a better body at Chicago, IL Denver, CO Los Angeles, CA Minneapolis, MN Mobile, AL. Pittsburgh, PA Portland, OR Waco, TX T +1 800 853 6639 E: Calgary, AB Montréal, QC Toronto, ON Vancouver, BC T +1 800 361 1385 E:

SSAB Hardox

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